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Investment Model

AGL is a fundamentals based long-term investor focused on delivering safety plus robust risk adjusted cash returns across all phases of credit cycles and market conditions.

AGL'S Investment Philosophy

  • Responsible stewardship for all capital in each Fund, both debt and equity
  • Protection of Principal Amount invested is paramount
  • Focus on capturing excess returns relative to credit risk
  • AGL’s comparative advantage is informed by decades of lending experience as a “maker not taker” of loans, plus a role in the development and evolution of bank loans as an asset class and the primary and secondary loan markets.
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AGL’s Differentiated Investment Style: The 3 Pillars

  • Responsible steward of investor capital
  • Protection of invested principal is first and foremost
  • Generation of steady cash income
  • Overweight assets with risk adjusted relative value

  • Long term and disciplined decision making mindset reflecting background
    • In “originating, making and managing” loans versus “buying finished product”
    • In lending, loan markets, banks and credit risk management
  • Private Side Asymmetrical Advantage with material non-public information access and actionability
  • Harness core of Broadly Syndicated Loan asset class – cash flow, collateral, security, liquidity

  • Strict selection criteria including diversification attributes
  • Target relative value investments with excess returns
  • Continuous portfolio optimization by arbitraging market price inefficiencies
  • Focus on collateral value cushion in the event of stress versus reflexive selling

An innovative, actively managed and outcome-driven approach to credit strategies investing in bank loans.

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