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AGL Credit Management (“AGL”) is a corporate credit investment specialist for institutions globally. We offer investment solutions that target security of invested capital and cash yields that seek consistent performance that exceed target returns. The firm was launched in March 2019 and as of May 15, 2024, has $14.6B+ in assets under management with underlying investments in floating rate secured loans in multiple formats.

AGL’s highly experienced team employs a differentiated investment model on a robust platform. Offerings are expressly formulated to seek to achieve investor objectives with intensive focus on loss avoidance to underpin investment performance.

The investment model encompasses rigorous “private side” enabled credit selection with AGL’s 10-dimensional balanced portfolio construction framework (the “10-D Portfolio Construction Framework”) to maximize risk adjusted returns and minimize intra-asset correlation. Each portfolio targets an aggregate excess return to provide a robust cushion to absorb the effects of statistically possible and unexpected credit events to sustain stable cash yields.

Target cash-on-cash return variance principally reflects SOFR, the floating loan reference rate. The reversal of the multi-decade compressed rate cycle has increased all-in yields of rate-based investments thereby elevating the allocation relevance of the corporate credit asset classes.

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The AGL team has a multi-cycle history of generating top decile excess returns with low realized credit losses inherent to credit investments.

A powerful and differentiated platform, with experienced leadership and innovative strategies in senior secured corporate credit loans.

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